Organize a House Party to Spread the Word

In order to gather the strong support we need to achieve a Community Bill of Rights ordinance to ban future factory hog farms (CAFOs) in Jefferson County, we need to bring our message to as many people as possible. House Parties are a great way to do this. You simply invite a group of friends or associates to your home (or business) to hear a short presentation by one of our trained speakers. Some snacks and a discussion period round out the event. The information is so compelling that attendees come away with a new level of inspiration and commitment.  

Contact Thom Krystofiak to discuss how to proceed.

Community Rights Organizer Paul Cienfuegos’ Talks in Fairfield

Renowned Community Rights organizer Paul Cienfuegos gave two interactive presentations in Fairfield over the last months, where we learned:
  • How to say NO to CAFOs (factory hog farms)
  • How to say NO to dangerous pipelines
  • How to PROTECT our communities from the harms of corporate intrusions
  • How to CHANGE the structure of law that allows corporate "rights" and corporate personhood
    to block community rights and true sustainability
Four people from Jefferson County were inspired enough to travel to attend a weekend intensive with Paul - one in Iowa City and one in Decorah.

Paul Cienfuegos' work is at the cutting edge of social change, blending keen analysis with invaluable experience in reclaiming our power from corporate hegemony. I am grateful for his passionate commitment to democracy and ecological sanity. A lively speaker and a resourceful workshop leader, he helps us find concrete steps toward building a just and sustainable society."
- Joanna Macy, author of "Coming Back to Life"

Our Mission

Assisting the residents of Jefferson County to assert and secure our right to protect our health, safety, environment and human rights, through local self government.

We are pursuing the strategies developed by Thomas Linzey and the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund ( to turn back the growing power of corporations to decide the fate of our local communities.

No more CAFOs!

Up to now we could only try to delay or discourage the onslaught of factory hog farms in Jefferson County. Now there is a strategy for banning them.


NO to corporate “rights”

The courts have been granting corporations more and more rights for 150 years. Corporations have been declared to be "persons." Damages have resulted for our local communities and for our environment.


Protecting Our Water

Water is an essential resource that we cannot afford to neglect. Whether we live in the city or the country, we are dependent on good, clean water. Each community has an inherent responsibility to protect the health of its water sources.


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